The artwork and legacy of Walter Jardine.

As a granddaughter and one of four grandchildren who have inherited the Walter Jardine Estate, my production of this site has been somewhat an extended 'labour of love'. The year 2020, marked the 50th year since Walter's death in 1970, and finally saw this site become a reality.  
Walter Jardine was a modest man, with a kind and generous nature, and to his grandchildren he was simply our grandfather who happened to be an artist.  It is only in relatively recent times we have become fully aware of the extent of his legacy, and the professional recognition and acclaim afforded him in his field, nationally and internationally.  
Our family is fortunate to retain a number of original artworks, both published and unpublished, and additional images will be added to this website going forward.
My thanks to all those who have assisted me with information, and to my brother who provided the technical assistance with images.
With appreciation to the James Northfield Trust, who generously shared their own journey and inspired me to action. To visit their website and view another great Australian commercial artist's legacy go to: www.jamesnorthfield.org.au 

The National Library of Australia: ...'Stamina (Clothing) advertised extensively to men and boys in the 1950s, and Walter Jardine, one of Australia’s great commercial artists, did much of its artwork, including posters, newspaper advertisements, books and collectors’ card series, notably Men of Stamina, a pantheon of ‘great men’ from Socrates to Alfred Nobel and beyond. Stamina offers ample source material for a study of ideals of masculinity and human achievement in 1950s advertising'...  Author: Dr Susannah Helman Curator Manager Exhibitions Branch -The National Library of Australiawww.nla.gov.au/unbound/stamina-trousers

Australian National Maritime Museum"Walter Jardine is considered by many to have been the most talented Australian commercial artist of the mid 20th century"....  From an article by the Australian National Maritime Museum (2018): www.sea.museum

Dictionary of Sydney: "Walter Jardine: Commercial artist and advertising agent who achieved widespread recognition in Australia and New York as a master of line and brush work". www.dictionaryofsydney.org/entry/advertising  -"The booming 20's"

Australian War Memorial: www.awm.gov.au

Royal Agricultural Society Australia: www.rasnsw.com.au/heritage

For a wonderful 'coffee table' book and an amazing collection of Australian beer posters and history, including works by Walter Jardine for Tooheys and Tooths:  www.australianbeerposters.com.au


All Walter Jardine copyright enquiries to:  australianheritageprints@gmail.com